About VQ Wind

VQ Wind Overview

VQ Wind is leading the small wind turbine technology revolution for light industrial, agricultural, commercial, municipal, community and residential use. The company’s next generation wind turbine designs are superior to traditional wind turbine products.

Our global partnerships allow us to deliver innovative, leading-edge designs while maintaining a strong and passionate commitment to the delivery of renewable energy to our customers.

Commitment to Renewable Energy Solutions

As a pioneer in the renewable energy industry we accept the responsibility that the way we design, manufacture, and deliver our products and serve our customers has a direct impact on the environment. We understand that environmental stewardship is required to be a leader in our industry and to the success of our business. A healthy environment is also necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve—as well as society at large. Our vision of becoming the leading global small wind turbine manufacturer requires that we raise the bar for ourselves, and that we work with others to do the same.