VQ Wind Projects

VQ WindJet 5 for A.L. Huber in Kansas City

November, 2009


VQ Wind installed and commissioned a "VQ WindJet 5" Vertical Axis Twin-Rotor Wind Turbine in North America at the corporate office of A.L. Huber, the premier construction contractor in the Greater Kansas City area based in Overland Park, KS.

"We are very grateful to A.L. Huber, Burns & McDonnell and Kansas City Power & Light for their support in erecting and operating this demonstration unit and we look forward to building a partnership with them to deliver clean and efficient wind power throughout the region” said Bill Prevost, President of VQ Wind.

As leaders in the construction, engineering and technology fields, the team has come together to design, build and demonstrate new small wind turbine technologies to the Kansas City community. An on-site “demonstration” area will be open to the public where visitors will be educated on the technology and also view a real-time turbine performance and energy generation display panel.


The new wind turbine is rated at 5kW and has several innovative features which increase efficiency by up to 54% over existing designs. It also has a simplified mechanical structure which improves efficiency and enhances stability. Because its rotor speed is slower than traditional designs, it is quieter, lasts longer and is far less likely to create problems for birds and people.

The new turbine was designed by AeroNet, a partner company of VQ Wind, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea and is the first of a family of Small Wind Turbines to be installed in North America with power ratings between 1.5kW and 100kW.

“We are delighted to be able to demonstrate the energy generating efficiency of this patent-protected breakthrough design” stated Dr. Tom Sabourin, CEO of VQ Wind, “and we are especially pleased to have the designer, Dr. Seungbae Lee, CEO of AeroNet with us to celebrate today” he added.

WindJet Installation Video