VQ Wind Turbines

VQ WindJet™ Applications

VQ WindJets are engineered to produce power in a variety of applications and environments year after year. WindJet benefits are many including: Lower cost of energy, Security against escalating electricity costs, Reduced carbon footprint, Promoting community values, Meeting green objectives or standards, and more.

Light Industrial photo

VQ WindJet's robust design, fast and simple installation, and low operating costs make them ideal for light industry power generation.

Agriculture and Farms photo

Rural farms consume large amounts of electricity in their day to day operations. WindJets are engineered to produce power in rugged rural environments.

Commercial photo

High efficiency operation and minimal visible impact allow businesses to reduce their energy bill and attract customer interest while leveraging government incentive programs and improving their bottom line.

Municipal photo

WindJets help reduce municipal electricity bills, which free up scarce financial resources for other uses. By selling unused power, they also create new revenue streams for municipal budgets.

Community photo

Community wind increases local energy independence and prosperity without contributing to global warming.

Residential photo

Residential use of a WindJet results in immediate lowering of energy costs, removing risk of increasing energy costs, and improving the value of your home.