VQ Wind Turbines

VQ WindJet™ Overview

VQ Wind offers a family of small wind turbines, ranging from 1kW output to 10kW. Our patent-protected vertical axis, twin rotor design matches or exceeds the electricity production of the widely-accepted “propeller” designs and offers significant advantages:

  • Safer
  • Quieter
  • Better Economics


  • Low noise <40 dBA
  • Reduces bird and bat kills
  • Eliminates ice-sling
  • Eliminates flicker problems
  • More power in shifting wind
  • More power in wind farms
  • Longer lifespan


  • Guide vanes for adjustments to wind shifts
  • Less tower offset yields about 4X the power per acre of land
  • Lower rotor speed (~10-15% of propeller)
  • Lower vibration
  • No torque issues

Industry Leading Electrical Power Generation

Industry Leading Power and Energy Production

Design & Specifications

The performance the WindJet turbine is optimized in the multi-space formed by the rotor inlet angle, the blade solidity and the diameter-height ratio with the guide vane angle. read more


VQ WindJets are engineered to produce power in a variety of applications and environments year after year for Light Industrial, Agriculture/Farms, Commercial, Municipal, Community, and Residential uses. read more

WindJet vs Propeller Comparison

VQ WindJets have many advantages over traditional small wind energy designs and are popular with experts and savvy wind turbine customers. read more

VQ Wind Patents

Years of intense R&D by brilliant minds and thorough field testing have produced many innovations in the design and manufacturing of small wind turbines. read more