VQ Wind Turbines

Sound Level Pressure: VQ WindJet™ vs. Propeller Design

Noise pollution is a serious concern with most propeller designs

With most traditional propeller designs the most noticeable impact a wind turbine places upon the environment is noise pollution. Many local governments enforce a limit of 55 dBA before they will grant an operating permit. VQ WindJets max out at less than 40 dBA* making them the ideal choice near human populations.

WindJet vs. Propeller sound level pressure

* Sound Level Pressure measurements shown are calculated/measured by IEC 61400-11 standards at a more stringent wind speed of 11 m/s (25 mph) and much closer distance of 20 meter (66 feet) from turbine rotor center versus the AWEA SWCC standard of 5 m/s (11.2 mph) with an observer location of 60 m (~ 200 ft.) from the rotor center.