Small Wind Turbines

VQ WindJet™ vs Propeller Designs

VQ WindJets have many advantages over traditional small wind energy designs and are popular with experts and savvy wind turbine customers. Below are the most important features every buyer should consider. For more information about wind turbine designs visit (English wikipedia/wind turbines).

VQ WindJet
VQ WindJet
Blade profile Simple Complicated Complicated
Yaw Mechanism Needed Yes No Yes
Pitch Mechanism Possible No No Yes
Tower Yes No Yes
Noise Low Moderate High
Blade area Moderate Large Small
Flicker No No Yes
Vibration No No Yes
Generator Position On top of tower On ground On top of tower
Torque Issues No No Yes
Ice Sling No No Yes
Blade Load Low Low High
Self Starting Yes No Yes
Tower Interference Small Small Large
Foundation Moderate Simple Extensive
Wind Shift Adjustment Best Better Good
Energy per Acre of Land 4X   1X
Overall Structure Simple Simple Complicated

Source : Sandra Eriksson et al. May 2006, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 12(2008)